Ask McFartnuggets: "Why Do Some Men Hold The Door Open For Other Guys?"

Never hold a revolving door
for someone.
Dear McFartnuggets:
I was walking into a Starbucks today when a man entering ahead of me held the door open for me. The problem is, I too am a man. I was very confused by this and I went through anyway and thanked him. Once I got inside I felt different like I wasn't a real man anymore. Why would someone do that to me? -- Toby from South Carolina

Dear Toby:
It's actually been proven that when a man has a door held open for him by another man his testosterone drops a little bit. Holding the door open may just be a friendly gesture of goodwill between two humans, but the male brain subconsciously reads this as "This guy thinks I'm a bitch who can't open a door for myself."

For generations it has been a common tradition for men to hold doors open for women. It's generally seen as an act of chivalry where men treat a woman like a princess who should not be forced to exert any energy on their own behalf even if it's as minimal as opening a Starbucks door.

Why did this man hold the door open for you? Probably because he's a polite guy who doesn't fully understand the unspoken gender roles of society OR because he thought you were a woman. Thanks for the question, Toby!

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