Dumbass Sayings: "Every Dog Has Its Day"

Oh look, it's titsucking day!
When someone says "Every dog has its day" it's supposed to mean no matter how bad a person's life is there'll be one day where good things will happen to them. This saying is completely fabricated nonsense. Where does it say that every dog has one day of fun mandatory in their life? How about a dog who lives in a pound his whole life? Is his day of joy the day he gets euthanized and released from his torturous existence? If that's the day I'm going to get then you can keep it! Plenty of dogs go their whole life without a day of fun. A lot of people do also. How about a child starving to death in Africa? Does he get his day? Firstly, I don't even want to compare a starving child to a dog. That's messed up. Whoever created this saying was a seriously disturbed individual. If you view people as dogs you've got a problem, sir. Oddly enough, viewing dogs as people is totally fine.

Let's say for the sake of argument every dog does get his day. What good is a day? If you live thirty thousand shitty days surrounded by one good one is that really so great? Odds are most of us already had our "day" when we were young kids with nothing to worry about and no adult responsibilities. If every dog could have multiple days that would be great, but that's not the saying. The saying is very grim and we should all be thankful it's untrue.

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