Dumbass Sayings: "If I Do Say So Myself"

Are you saying that as you,
or your demonic alter-ego?
Sometimes to cap off a sentence a person will say "If I do say so myself." This is a completely redundant useless thing to say. For example someone might say: "Those stuffed lamb chops gave me horrible ass lava, if I do say so.myself!" If you do say so yourself? Who else are you going to say it as? Someone else? Unless you have multiple personality disorder where your different personalities are switching in and out all the time and you need to make your sentences longer to give the listener more time to figure out exactly who's talking then phrases like this are completely worthless. People are always speaking as themselves. When you want to speak as someone else THEN you say “If I were a woman, I would say: these panties are comfortable.” Mention when you’re speaking as someone else, not as yourself.

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