Dumbass Sayings: "Touche"

People should have to dress up
like this before they say "Touche."
Then we'd see how popular it is
to make pretend you're an
olde tyme fencer.
When someone calls your mother a slut for showing cleavage and you point out the fact their mother once literally worked as a prostitute they will often times reply with the word "Touche". This means "You got me" or "That's not a reply I can easily defend against." It comes from the "sport" of Fencing. When someone stabs you with the sword you say "touche" as in you touched me with the sword. This was a fun saying when people first started using it in conversation outside of fencing, but now it's too commonplace. You can't consistently compare conversation to Fencing. If you think talking to someone is such a battle say "en garde" instead of "hello". What's that? No one would do that because it sounds stupid, but touche is fine? Yeah that makes a lot of sense...

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