The Top 5 Most Misleading American City Names

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When it comes to naming American cities the only thing worse than repeating the same name in different states is giving a misleading name. The name of a city shouldn't have to give you a description of the place, but it damn sure shouldn't trick you into assuming incorrect things about it either. If there's a city called Grand Rapids you assume it has grand rapids. Is that your fault? Yes. However countless tourists have been tricked and will continue to be tricked by misleading city names. I'm not saying these cities are crappy or anything. I'm just saying you might expect something a lot different than what you get, kinda like if you had a restaurant where you named horse testicles "Bacon." Here are the top 5 most misleading American city names:

5. Hollywood, Florida
There are a lot of people whose dream it is to make it in Hollywood and thanks to Hollywood, Florida most of their dreams can still come true. Hollywood, Florida would be higher on list except for the fact that Hollywood and Florida are both well known for their strong Jewish populations so that makes it the least misleading name here.

Probably one of the more overrated national landmarks. It's just giant letters, folks.

4. Rome, New York
They say "When in Rome do as the Romans do", well if that's live in a suburb in New York state then that's not very exciting at all. If you go to Rome, New York expecting to host gladiatorial games featuring battles to the death you are sorely mistaken.

It's not cool to kill tigers in Rome, New York.

3. Paris, Texas
If you were to draw a Venn diagram comparing France and Texas I think the only things you'd find in that overlapping middle area would be "Has air".

They made their own Eiffel Tower...

2. Manhattan, Kansas
If New York City is the city that never sleeps, Manhattan, Kansas must be the city where you can't help but fall asleep. They even call themselves "The Little Apple". What a bunch of schemers.

This is their Times Square.

And the number one most misleading city name is:

1. Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham is most famous for being a city in England yet it is also the name of a city in Alabama. The biggest difference is if you're in England you probably don't have a gun, but if you're in Alabama your newborn baby already has several. In England, Big Ben is a famous clock. In Alabama, Big Ben is a guy you do not want to mess with.

Could the accents be any more different?

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