Dumbass Saying: "Taking Sweet Time"

Never tell a diabetic person they're
taking their sweet time.
Whenever someone takes a long time to do something they say they're "taking their sweet time." Does anyone even bother thinking about what this means or why it means that? Sweet time? Time is a concept. Unless you're some kind of weird new X-Men member or God, tasting time isn't possible.

And why is sweet the only flavor descriptor we give to time? Why isn't there salty, savory, or umami time? If you're going to assign flavor to time you may as well be more specific. For example if someone's taking their time exploring your body passionately then that could be considered taking "sweet time". But if someone's taking their time to torture you in a basement dungeon with various tools from the Dark Ages then that would be taking "sour time".

Oh sure that sounds stupid, but sweet time doesn't? The only people who can take sweet time are pastry chefs and maybe Willy Wonka. Ex: "Willy Wonka is taking his sweet time walking down the carpet to introduce himself to the contest winners." Sweet time makes sense THEN, but rarely any other time.

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