Ask McFartnuggets: “Are Narwhals and Unicorns Related?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Narwhals look like whales with long horns and unicorns are horses with long horns so are narwhals and unicorns related in anyway? -- Trayshaun from Queens, New York

Dear Trayshaun:
Good questions. What we do know is that beluga whales are related to narwhals and they look like narwhals without the horn. Unicorns are mythic creatures who haven’t been seen in centuries. I would assume that somewhere along the line a unicorn dove underwater and banged a beluga which led to the world’s first narwhal. The other alternative theory is that the narwhal came first and climbed on land to screw a horse which gave birth to a unicorn, but that’s just crazy. We all know unicorns are magical so it’s not a stretch to assume they can survive underwater long enough to impregnate a horny beluga whale. Thanks for the question, Trayshaun.

Beluga be like "What you think you're better than me because your mother banged a unicorn?"

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