Dumbass Saying: “Let Me Play Devil’s Advocate”

Wait sorry that's
an avocado.
When someone says “Let me play devil’s advocate” that basically means “Let me be an asshole.” It means they’re going to take an adversarial stance on a topic even if they agree with the shit just for the sake of argument. So when you say “Hey let’s go get sushi” some jackass will say “Let me play devil’s advocate. What if the sushi is old and everyone gets parasitic tapeworms!” Okay yeah I guess that’s a possibility. Thanks for tantalizing everyone’s appetite with that helpful Satanic advocation. No one should want to be the Devil’s advocate. Who the hell wants to support the interests and causes of the dark lord Satan? You’re not “playing devil’s advocate” you’re just being a jerk. If you were really playing devil’s advocate your head would start spinning and you’d be speaking in tongues. Just know that doing either is not a great way to endear yourself to a group of people in a social setting.

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