Dumbass Saying: “Professional Woman”

Women do some
amazing things.
If you’re looking for a place to hide out for awhile you’ll likely find a lot of shared room listings from people who are “Professional women.” You’ll go to the apartment to check it out and it’s not long before you realize it’s not a brothel. Apparently being a “Professional woman” means you just have a full-time job. These women need to understand that the term “Professional” is meant as a euphemism for “Hooker” and it’s a very useful term to make it all seem dignified. For you to co-opt that term just to mean you have a job, isn’t fair. Just having a job doesn’t set you into a special class of “Professional.” What do you call a woman who doesn’t have a job? An “Amateur”? No, that’s ridiculous. And why are professional women always looking for other professional women to be roommates? What’s wrong with a professional man? Just because I sell my body to lustful women doesn’t automatically mean I’m a bad roommate!

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