Dumbass Sayings: “Drink Up”

I guess shouldn't expect
alcoholics to make sense.
When some creepy guy at the club hands you a drink he usually says “Drink up!” while watching to see if you drink it because he’s clearly put a roofie in it. Drink up? How the hell is that a saying? Think about that for a second. Drink UP? What do you mean? Put the glass up to your mouth? Hold the glass over your head and pour it into your mouth? That’s a very inefficient way to imbibe refreshments. Normally when you drink a fluid the liquid goes DOWN. Liquid and food goes down the esophagus (hopefully). You know how I know that? Because when you vomit and it comes back out it’s called “Throwing UP.” Sometimes drinking is referred to “Tossing back a few.” At least that makes more sense because the beverage is being poured to the back of your throat. Even if you’re drinking while hanging upside down like a bat you still have to pour the drink downward. Drinking always goes down so stop telling people to “Drink up.”

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