The Top 5 Worst Colors To Paint Your Car

Painting your car is a
big decision.
When you’ve fallen into a severe depression sometimes getting out is as easy as painting your car. Your car is a reflection of yourself so giving your car a brand new paint job is a great way to revitalize your personality. But before you do, please keep in mind there are a few colors you should try to avoid. Some colors just aren’t good for cars and here are the top 5:

5. Pink
How often do you see a pink car? You’d think it’d be more popular. Even women who idolized Barbie as a child won’t paint their car pink. It’s okay for a man to wear a pink tie but not drive a pink car? Does that make sense? Clearly everyone knows something about pink that I don’t. Until we can figure out why no one drives a pink car it’s best to avoid this color.

You don't see many cars painted this color.

4. Black
Black is a fairly common color for a car, but black absorbs sunlight and when you’ve accidentally locked your kids in the car while you’re at the strip club in the middle of a hot July day that’s NOT what you want.

Is god black? We know the universe is.

3. Beige
I don’t think I’ve eve seen a beige car before. It’s just not a flattering color for a vehicle. Plus, you run the risk of someone spray painting a dickhead on the hood of your car and a nutsack on the trunk. Then it looks like you’re driving around in a penis all day long.

Not even the most boring son of a bitch on earth would paint their car beige.

2. Yellow
Yellow is a nice color for an exotic sports car however if you’re driving any normal sedan then people are always going to mistake it for a taxi. You’ll be driving down the street and see loads of people trying to flag you down and when you drive past them they’ll scream at you. Plus, you’ll look racist if they’re Black. Is that fair? It’s not even a REAL CAB!

Yellow is the color of egg yolks and also lemons. No one wants a car that looks like a lemon.

And the number one worst color to paint your car is…

1. Brown
If you ever paint your car brown you’re basically asking people to say “Hey, it looks like you’re LITERALLY driving a piece of shit!”

Unless you're driving a UPS truck your vehicle should never be brown. Even this looks like a giant chunk of poop on wheels.

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