The Top 5 Worst Dances To Do In Your Shower

Showerdancing can be
very dangerous.
Have you ever been singing in your shower and wondered why you don’t dance too? Well there’s no good reason not to as long as you’re doing the proper dances. If you get too fancy there’s a chance you could severely injure yourself. There are just certain dances you shouldn’t attempt to do in the shower and here are the top 5:

5. The “Macarena”

The Macarena is a pretty safe dance for the most part, it’s just that part toward the end where you have to jump and turn at a 90 degree angle that makes it a little hazardous on a soapy shower floor.

4. The “Thriller” dance

The thing about the “Thriller” dance is that it requires a lot of room so unless your shower is the size of a city street you’re going to have some problems dancing back and forth like a zombie.

3. The “MC Hammer” dance

That dance that MC Hammer did all the time is a very dangerous dance to do in the shower. When you split your legs apart like that you’re risking falling into a full split and tearing your crotch open. Then once you start shuffling side to side like a crab on meth then you’re only exacerbating that risk.

2. “The “Smooth Criminal” dance

Remember the “Smooth Criminal” dance where Michael Jackson does that 45 degree lean? If you try doing that in the shower you’ll definitely fall and risk smashing your face open on the bathtub faucet. Trust me.

And the number one worst dance to do in the shower is...

1. The “Flashdance” dance

Just because the bitch pours a bucket of water on herself at the end you might think it’s a suitable dance to do in the shower but pretty much none of that stuff can be done in the shower without slipping and seriously injuring yourself. I’m going to warn you specifically about the part where she’s running in place really fast. That’s a potentially life threatening move.

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