Dumbass Sayings: "Your Mother is an Astronaut"

Hi, mom.
Sometimes when you're playing pickup basketball with some people from the neighborhood one of them will say "Your mother is an astronaut." Apparently this is supposed to be an insult I don't know why. It would be awesome to have a mother who was involved in space travel. Being an astronaut takes incredible intelligence and dedication so actually THANK YOU. I'm glad my mother is an astronaut because that means she's out of this world. Astronauts are a very rare and prestigious group. I don't care if one went crazy and drove across the country wearing a diaper a few years back. That woman was still special and so is my mother so kiss my ass. There have been fewer than 1,000 astronauts in all of human history. Do you realize how elite of a group that is? Astronauts may not be famous or popular in today’s culture, but they’re still a rare group of very gifted people and if my mom is a part of that group then I’m honored.

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