Dumbass Sayings: “On Steroids”

When someone walks up to you on the street and says “Hey man you gotta try this new synthetic drug called Unicorn Taint, it’s like crack on steroids!” That’s supposed to mean it’s better. For some reason people still use the term “On steroids” to mean “improved” or “stronger.” This is phrase that should no longer be used because we know that steroids aren’t a positive thing. Lance Armstrong did steroids. Was he stronger or improved? Sure he won a few bicycle races, but no one considers those real accomplishments. Maybe it helped him beat cancer, or it could have been a coincidence. I think if steroids could cure cancer that would be well known knowledge by now. Bottom line is he’s only got one testicle and thanks to steroids it’s probably pretty small. I wouldn’t call that an improvement! Basically whenever someone tells you something is “On steroids” they just mean it’s angry all the time and its testicles are shrunken. That’s what “On steroids” should mean.

The next time you say something's on steroids it better be a man with severe Gynecomastia.

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