Ask McFartnuggets: “Is It No Longer Popular To Take Selfies?”

Robert Cornelius was taking
selfies before it was cool.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I keep hearing people say that taking selfies is no longer a dope thing to do. Is this true? Is the selfie dead? -- Sharonica from Brooklyn

Dear Sharonica:
Sadly, yes. The “selfie” has reached the end of its popularity. When things get too popular they only have a few months before they’re not cool anymore. Remember planking? It’s a shame because taking selfies is really fun. I remember back in the good old days before selfies were popular when you had to take the roll of film out of your camera and bring it to the photo lab to be developed and everyone working there thought you were a psychopath. Every week you would bring a new roll of film in to be printed out and the guy would give you a look like “Here come this creepy ass mofo who takes photos of himself wearing a Sailor Moon costume with his outstretched arm or standing in front of the mirror naked.” You didn’t need Instagram back then. Photo lab technicians were your Instagram. You’d never see when they “Liked” one of your pictures, but usually you could tell if they winked at you when you came back for the photos. Those were the good old days. Now they’re just a sweet memory.

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