The Top 5 Most Inappropriate Places To Dress Up Like Batman

There are right and wrong
times to be a bat man.
Dressing up like Batman is fun whether you’re wearing the full suit or just the cape and cowl. However, you must remember that it is not always appropriate to show up to an event or place dressed as the Dark Knight. While this behavior is growing in popularity there are just certain places Batman is not welcomed and here are the top 5:

5. High school reunion
There’s not a huge problem with dressing up like Batman to your high school reunion except for the fact that everyone will be sad for you and wonder what the hell went wrong in your life. Plus, no one likes to see Batman crying on the street chugging a fifth of vodka.

You might think dropping in through the ceiling dressed as the Dark Knight will be cool, but odds are it'll just scare everyone shitless.

4. Dentist appointment
If you’ve ever gone to a dentist appointment dressed as Batman you know it gets a weird reaction. I suppose the most awkward part is sitting in the waiting room with everyone staring at you while you’re trying to read Time Magazine.

It's difficult to open as wide as you can when you're wearing the Batman mask.

3. Wedding
If you’re performing at a wedding at some kind of hipster comic book themed wedding then it’s encouraged to show up looking like the Caped Crusader. However if it’s a normal wedding and you don’t even know these people, it’s a bad move.

Newlyweds are so selfish they'll resent you for stealing the spotlight.

2. Childbirth
I’m not exactly sure what it’s like for a woman to give birth, but I have to imagine looking at your boyfriend dressed up like Batman holding a camcorder isn’t a very comforting sight.

Believe it or not, Batman is not the first thing a baby wants to see when it comes out of a vagina.

And the number one worst place to show up dressed as Batman is…

1. Candlelight vigil
After a serious tragedy people want to mourn and stand around holding little candles in cups. Seeing a dude in a Batman costume kind of takes them out of that emotion and that’s not good. You’re going to ruin people’s prayers with that type of nonsense.

The only vigil you should be holding while dressed as Batman is at the spot where your parents were murdered.

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