The Top 5 Weirdest Groups or Charities To Give Money To

Giving money to god and
young Jesus is fine.
Nearly every special interest group has a charity these days so it’s important to qualify a charity before you start sending them cash. Some groups really need money like the veterans and starving children, but other can probably manage on their own. Giving your money to the right people is key because every dollar you give to a niche charity is a dollar you’re not able to give to a homeless veteran or broke cancer patient. Here are the top 5 groups that you should think twice about giving money to:

5. Giants
You don’t see many charities for giants because they’re doing okay for themselves. You never see a homeless giant do you? That’s a big sign right there. If you see a charity for people with acromegaly you should make sure it’s going to giants who have fallen on hard times and have a lot of surgeries they can’t pay for and not just former NBA players.

If anything, donate to the mothers who had to squeeze these giants out!

4. Insect abuse
Animal charities are always a little controversial. If you choose to give all your money to an animal charity instead of a human one people will question your sanity a little bit. Even more so when it come to insect charities. If a human is worth more than a dog then how much is a tarantula worth?

Why won't Sarah McLaughlan sing a song for the honeybees?

3. People with STDs
People with STDs have to deal with a lot of medical bills, but it’s hard to give a donation to some guy with Syphilis when there’s a dog being abused in America every ten seconds.

For just twenty five cents a day you can help random people who've contracted Syphilis.

2. Morbidly obese people
You might feel bad for morbidly obese people and want to help them get better. If that’s the case the best thing you can do is probably NOT give them money. They’re doing fine for themselves clearly. If anything help them make wiser food choices.

For some reason there's no charity that lets you symbolically adopt an obese person.

And the number one strangest charity to give money to is...

1. Congress
Who in the hell tries to donate money to Congress? They don’t need it. You might think that giving them some extra money will help them get things done, but they’re already making a lot of money and doing nothing.

They get paid enough to do nothing so why give them more?

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