Dumbass Sayings: “Sleep Tight”

That's pretty tight.
When you tell someone to “sleep tight” these days they say “Why? Why should I be tight?” They say this because kids these days use the word “tight” to mean “angry” or “upset.” Why would anyone want to sleep angry? You have to eventually relax and forget about what’s bothering you long enough for your brain to enter its REM cycle. Telling people to sleep tight just doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. Even back before “tight” meant “mad,” telling someone to “sleep tight” was confusing. How does one sleep tight? Does it mean to scrunch your body into a tight fetal package? That doesn’t sound very comfortable. You’re supposed to sleep loose. Everyone should be sleeping the opposite of “tight” no matter which definition of the word you’re using. Sleep loose, relaxed, comfortable, and with a sense of contentment. That’s what you should tell people.

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