The Top 5 Worst foods To Give To The Homeless

There are some foods you
just shouldn't give to people.
It’s always a nice gesture to give food to the homeless, however there are some foods that are better to donate than others. For example giving a homeless person a pizza or a hamburger would be great because those are filling and easy to eat foods. Here are the top 5 foods to think twice about donating to the homeless:

5. Cheetos
One of America’s favorite snacks, Cheetos is actually not a great food to give to the homeless. The reasons are this: Cheetos aren’t that filling an they’re bad for you, and also they leave a large amount of cheese dust on your fingers and that’s not only annoying, but if you lick the dust off with dirty fingers that can make you sick.

Don't make a homeless person lick their fingers. They could get really sick.

4. Steak tartare
A cooked steak is a decent food to give to the homeless, but a raw one isn’t as good of an idea. When you’re dealing with raw meat it’s very susceptible to attracting bacteria and viruses. If you’re going to bother, just cook the meat and give them a knife and fork.

Enjoy your salmonella!

3. Sardines
Even if you find a homeless person who loves sardines it’s not the best food to give them because of the odor. If they’re panhandling, smelling like old sardines is only going to make their life harder. Then you throw in the fact they’ll be attracting loads of stray cats from around town and it’s just a poor choice for food donation.

Making a homeless person's breath smell bad can really hurt their chances at making money.

2. Taco Bell
Most people love the way Taco Bell tastes even though it’s probably not real food. The problem is, because it’s a combination of artificial meat, cheese, plus Mexican cuisine it causes people’s assholes to shoot liquid fire. Not exactly the gift you want to bestow upon those less fortunate.

A gift and a curse.

And the number one worst food to give to the homeless is...

1. Wheel of cheese
A wheel of cheese is a lot of food and nutrition, but because it’s dairy that could cause some problems. First off the hobo will need a sharp knife to cut into the cheese so that’s not too convenient. Second, if they eat too much cheese too quickly it may cause constipation which is very uncomfortable. And even worse, they might be lactose intolerant which would make them very sick. Think about how torturous it would be to be hungry and lactose intolerant with nothing to eat but a giant boulder of cheese. That’s not cool. Don’t put someone in that situation.

Always ask a hobo if they're lactose intolerant before dropping a wheel of cheese in their lap.

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