Ask McFartnuggets: “Does America Lose in the World Cup on Purpose?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
The United States is going to face Ghana in the World Cup and they will probably lose. They always lose to Ghana. I think they lose on purpose because Ghana is not as wealthy of a country. The people of Ghana don’t have as much to look forward to and enjoy as the average American so losing to Ghana would just be the right thing to do. We have all kinds of sports in America that we’re good and for countries like Ghana, soccer is all they have. It would be cruel to beat them. Do you think that’s the reason America is always losing in the World Cup? -- Stephanie from Jackson, Mississippi

Dear Stephanie:
I don’t think they lose on purpose. The reason America always loses in the World Cup is because we have other sports. All the best athletes in America go to basketball, football, or baseball. In countries like Ghana all the best athletes go to soccer. Maybe if LeBron James and Adrian Peterson grew up idolizing soccer players it’d be a different story. It’s only a happy coincidence that Ghana beats America because it’s their biggest sport. When that’s the case, that country’s team deserves to win. If you have a country that is really invested in the outcome of a game versus one who really doesn’t give a rats ass unless they’re drunk at a bar, the former should win.

You can't expect to beat countries where this is their television.

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