Dumbass Sayings: “That’s Funny”

If something's funny
just laugh.
When you get done telling someone about the time you were almost killed at the circus by a rampaging elephant sometimes the person will say “That’s funny.” I have a big problem with this. You don’t need to say “That’s funny.” We already have a way of saying “That’s funny” it’s called “laughter.” If you really truly believe something is funny then your brain will have no choice but to begin laughing. If you said “That’s funny” and you’re not laughing then you’re just flat out lying. Maybe you’re trying to be sarcastic. If that’s the case then why not just provide mocking laughter? Mocking, sarcastic laughter is always more amusing than simply saying “That’s funny.” Saying “That’s funny” is like saying “That hurt” after someone chops your arm off. You don’t need to say it. We can all tell by your blood curdling shrieks of agony that it hurt. Stop wasting words with these useless phrases!

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