Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Does Summer Feem Longer Than Other Seasons?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why come does summer is longer than the winters and springs? -- Dillon from Texas

Dear Dillon:
Despite the fact there are about 90 days of each season, Summer does tend to feel longer than the others. This can be attributed to longer days, more sunlight, and more heat. Because it gets brighter earlier and stays light later you’re more likely to wake up earlier and be out and about on the town which leads to days seeming more substantial. There’s more to do when it’s nice outside unlike winter. How many times do you drive to Mexico to get hookers in autumn? Like twice? Meanwhile, in the summer it’s a weekly occurrence which makes days seem longer.

Because there’s more sunlight you don’t sleep as much as you do during the winter. During Winter it’s much easier to fall asleep and you feel suicidal so you want to just lay there and hibernate so time seems to pass quicker in the winter. In comparison, summer feels longer than that.

And of course if it’s hotter due to climate change, summer will seem longer because the later days of spring will seem like days of summer and summerlike heat will last into fall making summer feel much longer than it actually is. Hope that answers your question, Dillon.

You know it's officially Summer when you need to be hosed down with cold water immediately or else you'll die.

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