Dumbass Sayings: “Sinfully Delicious”

Unless you're eating off the
tree of knowledge, nothing
should be sinfully delicious.
When women eat things with chocolate usually they say it’s “Sinfully delicious!” Why is something tasting really good considered sin? Could you imagine if everyone who ate chocolate cake ended up in Hell when they died? I sincerely doubt the dark lord cares who’s eating red velvet cupcakes. This saying is a reflection on how far people have warped their perception of food. People view dessert pastries as so evil they are inherently linked with Beelzebub. What is wrong with that picture? Just eat your damn sweets and enjoy it. Why do people have to eat donuts in a boiler room feeling like a demon? I blame the health culture in America. Healthy people try to make themselves out to be the definition of purity. They’re angels walking the planet. Meanwhile the obese are subhuman trolls who need to worship the angels and make sacrifices to attain holiness. The skinny people have made the fat people feel bad about enjoying the one thing they want to enjoy and that’s just messed up.

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