Dumbass Sayings: “Love is an Open Door”

Disney's using a famous
prostitute motto.
There’s a song from the Disney film “Frozen” called “Love is an Open Door” and it’s sending the wrong message to kids out there. Love is NOT an open door. You need to keep the door of love closed and look out the peephole before you let anyone in. You can’t just leave the door wide open and let anyone walk in, that’s horrible advice to be giving kids. We tell kids “Love is an open door” and wonder why the show “16 and Pregnant” exists. We need to tell kids to keep a damn lock on their door and if someone’s on the porch and wants to come in you should know that person reasonably well before you open it. When you leave the door of love open that’s when homeless people and perverted vagrants from around town can just waltz right in and take advantage of you. Teenage pregnancy is a big problem in America and around the world and songs like this are not helping. We’ve got too many young people out there with just a little chain lock keeping the door closed when they should all have deadbolts.

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