Dumbass Sayings: “Shooting The Shit”

Hitting shit from a bird's
ass is the sign of a true
When you’re talking about clothing or your last vacation with another man they’ll call it “Shooting the shit.” Only men can do this by the way. When was the last time anyone ever “Shot the shit” with a woman. When two women talk to each other they basically never call it “Shooting the shit.” Shooting the shit is a male way to describe conversation. We don’t want to be compared to giggling schoolgirls at a slumber party so we have to make it sound masculine by involving the act of shooting things. Then we throw in a little bit of inappropriate language like the word “shit” to make it sound super manly. How did this term come about? Well when you cross “Shooting the breeze” and “Talking shit” you get “Shooting the shit.” Clearly that makes sense… You can’t say “Talking the breeze” because that would sound waifish and fruity. The problem I have with this saying is it’s used totally wrong. “Shooting the shit” isn’t another way to say “talking”, it’s another way to say “explosive diarrhea.” When I say I’m “Shooting the shit” Ten times out of ten I’m on a toilet after eating too much McDonald’s. That is the proper usage of this term.

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