Dumbass Sayings: “The Type of Girl You Don’t Take Home To Your Mom”

After you have sexual intercourse with a woman in a dumpster behind 7-11 sometimes she’ll say “I’m the type of girl you don’t take home to your mom!” No kidding! First of all, why would I take ANY woman I just had a one night stand with home to my mother. “Hey mom. Sorry I haven’t been calling, but here’s this strange woman I met at a club and had unprotected sex with in a giant garbage receptacle in the back area of a convenience store.” Does that make sense for anyone to do? No. You would wait until you had a nice relationship with a person before you took them to meet your mother. Maybe if we get to know each other and spend a few months living together you might be the type of girl I take home to my mom. Who the hell are you to give me orders about who I do or don’t take home to my mom, you’re just a prostitute! I don’t need to listen to you!

It's best to wait a little while and get to know her just in case the bitch turns out to be crazy.

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