Dumbass Sayings: “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

The Four Seasons sang a song called “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and most people accept that idea as a fact. Could there be a connection between a woman’s size and her emotional state? Yes, actually there is and it disproves the belief that big girls don’t cry. Most people know that women’s bodies produce the hormone estrogen in high volume. Estrogen is the hormone that makes women all womanly and leads to increased emotional behaviors such as crying. Where it gets interesting is that fat cells produce estrogen. So if big girls have more fat cells that means they have more estrogen in their system which makes them more likely to experience the emotional state that leads to crying. Frankie Valli was wrong. Big girls DO cry and physiologically speaking they cry more than small girls.

Some big girls get sleep apnea which is a good reason to cry.

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