Dumbass Sayings: “Money Can’t Buy Love”

People always like to tell you “Money can’t buy love.” There might be some truth to that, but for the most part it’s a completely foolish statement. Of course money can buy love! What do you think prostitution is? Money can buy you a mail order bride too. Money can most certainly purchase love. Money cannot buy TRUE love. That’s what the real saying should be. People say “Money can’t buy love” like it can’t buy any love at all and that’s just flat out wrong. Money can’t buy true love because when you use money to get someone to love you they’re never loving you, they’re always loving your money. Some people don’t make a distinction between those two things and if you believe you are your money then money really can buy love. For most people though, money can only buy sexual acts which are technically a form of love. And another thing is, even if money couldn’t buy love, does being poor do you any good? When was the last time you saw two hobos getting married on the street? Being poor can’t get you love either so you may as well have money.

Money CAN buy you these two stone figurines of people in love.

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