Ask McFartnuggets: “If The Ribbon For Breast Cancer Is Pink, What Color Is The Ribbon For Vagina Cancer?”

(Vagina under microscope)
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Everyone knows the special ribbon to raise awareness for breast cancer is pink, but if that’s pink then what color is the ribbon for vagina cancer? Shouldn’t pink be for vagina and maybe white be for breast, like for the milk? -- Ian from Georgia

Dear Ian:
Believe it or not, the ribbon for Vaginal cancer is actually denim. I suppose that makes sense because women sometimes women wear jeans and so a vagina is sometimes in jeans. The fact of the matter is the Breast cancer people struck first and claimed that pink faster than the Vaginal cancer people. Vaginal cancer folks were really sleeping at the wheel there. I guess there’s not much harm done considering Breast cancer is so much more common than Vaginal cancer. Plus the colored ribbons for different cancers don’t really have to match or fit the part of the body with the cancer. You’d think Colon cancer’s ribbon would be brown, but it’s blue. Clearly these people don’t care about matching the ribbons to the cancers so much so denim for Vaginal cancer is fine.

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