Dumbass Sayings: “Nut Shots Are For Pussies”

When you’re in a street fight with someone much larger than you, your survival instincts kick in. This will sometimes cause you to attack the other person’s genitals. When you’re punching away on a man’s sack usually someone in the crowd will yell “Nut shots are for pussies!” Well if I’m the pussy why is this guy screaming like a banshee? I’m turning this guy’s testicles into guacamole with my fists and you’re calling ME a pussy? Even the toughest self defense experts will tell you that in a life and death fight you need to use everything at your disposal. You need to attack key pressure points. What better pressure point is there than the human nutsack?

You know who also attacks the nuts during a fight? Chimpanzees. You gonna call a chimpanzee a pussy? Go ahead, I dare you. Step toe to toe with a creature that has roughly three times the strength of a man, call it a pussy and guess what’ll happen. It’s going to grab your genitalia with its hand and tear it right off like it was a band aid. Then it may or may not eat it! I’m not here to rip people’s nuts off, I’m just here to win a damn fight because NO ONE laughs at my MC Hammer pants and gets away with it!

If I punch you in the balls so hard they fall off then who's the real pussy?

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