Ask McFartnuggets: Why Are Lions Considered King of the Jungle?”

Everyone knows tigers
are the real jungle royalty.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come people call lions the kings of the jungle when they don’t even live in the freaking jungle? -- Latoya from Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Latoya:
This is just something that people got completely wrong. You’re right, lions don’t live in the jungle and even if they did, tigers are on average larger, faster, stronger, smarter, and more agile than lions. In most historical accounts of lion vs. tiger battles in Ancient Rome, tigers would usually win. Since lions hunt in packs they don’t need to be as strong and fast as tigers. Tigers are solitary hunters so that gives them a clear advantage in a one on one fight against a lion. Since tigers live in the jungle they should really be the one’s considered kings of the jungle. In truth, humans would best qualify as kings of the jungle. Poachers are killing tigers left and right all the time so it could be argued that man is the most feared beast in the jungle.

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