The Top 5 Positives To Being Naked At Home

I feel a breeze.
Have you ever been sitting around at home and stopped to think “Why am I wearing clothes right now?” When making the decision to go nude at home you really need to weigh out the pros and cons. Here are the top 5 positives to being completely naked at home:

5. If you spill food on yourself you don’t ruin your clothes
If you’re a fast eater (disgusting pig) then you know food can fly all over the place. It’s always a bummer to get food stains on a shirt or pants you just washed, but when you’re bare ass naked that’s never an issue. Just take a paper towel or a napkin and BAM! The mess is gone!

You won't be needing this anymore!

4. Peace and quiet
Walk around your house naked with the blinds up and rowdy neighborhood kids won’t be hanging around your neck of the woods for very long. Hopefully you won’t be hearing police sirens, but as long as you don’t engage the kids then it’s their fault for looking in and you shouldn’t be liable for anything.

To obtain true enlightenment you must first destroy your own ego. Being naked constantly can help that.

3. You stop getting mail
When you make a habit of walking around naked in your house, one of the first people who will notice is your mailman. This may cause him to stop delivering to you if he sees too much. What you may find is that he’s dropped your mail off with a neighbor to keep from seeing your wrinkly sack through the window.

There's always carrier pigeons. Even if they think you look weird naked, who are they going to tell?

2. It keeps you cool
Obviously a great benefit to being naked at home is you’re not lounging around in sweat soaked rags in the summer. The body sweats so the air can evaporate it and lower the temperature on the skin. If you’re wearing clothes that can keep the air from drying the sweat which leads to you feeling warmer than you should.

Nothing beats the sensation of a fan running on high blasting your nude flesh.

And the number one reason to be naked at home is…

1. Freedom
Humans needed clothing in caveman times to protect against the harsh elements. Now that we’re in dwellings we really don’t need clothing. Clothing is for outside. What don’t people understand about that? There’s nothing like the feeling of walking around naked at home. You feel like the king of the world! Just make sure the babysitter’s not around.

Guess who feels free in this picture... I'll give you a hint, it's the naked person.

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