Dumbass Sayings: “Bring Your A Game”

Don't bring your A game in
When your son is pitching in the little league championship sometimes the coach will have a personal meeting with your boy before the game and scream “Bring your A game! BRING YOUR A GAME! BRING YOUR FUCKING AYYYYY GAAAAAAME!!!” at him repeatedly and you have to take your son out of the league and he’s scarred for life. Well what does that even mean? Bring your A game? Is this a reference to elementary school grading systems? If that’s the case why is it called a game? A child’s studies are not to be regarded the same as an extracurricular recreational activity. School isn’t a game. I think the fact that we make that comparison is a glaring reason why America’s educational system is in the toilet.

This saying is also totally idiotic in the context of baseball specifically. Why would you ever tell someone to bring their “A” game in baseball? That would mean they should bring their “mediocre first level of the minor leagues” game. In baseball the minor leagues start at A then go to AA, then AAA, and then there’s the major leagues. If you ever tell someone to bring their A game in baseball, don’t be surprised when they start swinging at pitches out of the strike zone like a damn rookie.

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