Dumbass Sayings: "Head Over Heels"

When you're really obsessed with an individual usually a few days before the police intervene you'll hear people remark that you're "head over heels" for that person. The problem is, when are you NOT head over heels? Unless you have a serious physical condition where your head is positioned permanently below your feet then you're always "head over heels". There's nothing special or important about this condition. I tell people I'm head over heels for them all the time knowing full well it means nothing. When you're not head over heels it's a problem. Usually that means someone cut your head off and it's rolling on the floor so your head and heels are adjacent rather than one above the other. At that point there's no one who wants to have sex with you except maybe a few psychotic freaks who will likely face jail time for your posthumous relationship.

Being "Head behind heels" is a bigger deal than being "Head over heels".

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