Dumbass Sayings: “Freak Accident”

Accidentally getting a bearded
lady pregnant is a real
When someone crashes their hot air balloon into a power line and it explodes they call that a “Freak accident.” What is the difference between a “freak accident” and an “accident”? Well, to be honest NOTHING. Freak accident is a pointless term that the media uses as a trick to get people to click their story. You read a headline about a “Hot air balloon accident” and you might be interested enough to click on it. But if you see a headline that says “Hot air balloon FREAK accident” then there’s no way you’re not going to click on it. Something in our brains is always very intrigued by anything to do with freaks. Freak accidents are just accidents. If “Freak accident” was an actual term it would probably mean an accident that causes a severe disfigurement and in that case it’s just wrong to advertise that. You may as well make your news headline “Hey check out what happened to this freak!” That’s in really poor taste and so is the whole idea of a “Freak accident.”

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