Ask McFartnuggets: “Can You Get HIV From a Toilet Seat?”

If there's HIV on your toilet,
just scrub it off.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Can I get HIV from a toilet seat? -- Wendy from Vermont

Dear Wendy:
People are very quick to say you can’t get HIV certain ways, but the fact is there are many ways you can get HIV they’re just “unlikely.” Of course you CAN get HIV from a toilet seat. For example, if a toilet seat is covered in HIV infected blood and you sit on it and have loads of cuts on your ass, there’s a chance the blood could infect you. Now why that would ever happen is beyond me. It doesn’t seem likely, but it is possible. Let’s say there’s a toilet seat covered in HIV blood and you’re licking the blood off the toilet seat. Again, I have no idea why anyone would be doing that, but theoretically it is possible to get HIV in that scenario from a toilet seat. The bottom line is it IS possible to get HIV from a toilet seat, it’s just not common or likely. Just remember that if a doctor ever tells you that you can’t get HIV from a toilet seat or it’s “impossible,” they’re technically lying to you so make sure your ass cuts are bandaged up properly at all time and avoid toilet seats soaked in blood.

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