Dumbass Sayings: “I Believe The Children Are Our Future”

Ancient Rome believed in
children and look how
well that turned out.
Whitney Houston once said “I believe the children are our future.” Well, the people who were kids when she sang that are now adults trying to run the world and it is awful. These days this saying is no longer true. The children are not our future anymore. Our future is now advanced robotics. Robots are our future. The sad fact is, children today will have little to no impact on the future of today’s world. The children of yesterday and the generation before have ruined whatever future we have and now it’s up to technology and robots to save us. If we want there to even be a future then we’re going to have to rely on new technologies to help mitigate the destructive effects of climate change. We’re going to need artificial intelligence and mechanized humanoids to help the world in ways that humans can’t. That means having robot doctors and scientists to help cure diseases and administer vaccines to people all over the world. Look, we all know a zombie apocalypse or something of that nature is going to occur eventually. When that happens, only robots will be immune. Now we can either program them to help us survive, or they will gain sentience and use the outbreak as a means to assist them in global domination so they can outlast us to become the new apex beings on this planet. I believe the robots are our future and we must program them well so that when they lead the way they choose to aid us and not crush us. The children are not the future, they will be at the mercy of robots and it’s time we all recognized that.

Are those children colonizing the moon? No, they're not.

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