Dumbass Saying: “Follow Your Nose”

Toucan Sam, the cartoon mascot for “Fruit Loops” cereal is famous for saying “Follow your nose.” There are a few things wrong with this saying that I would like to point out. First of all, toucans don’t have noses. That thing on their face is a beak or a bill. Second, Fruit Loops don’t really have a discernible smell. They’re not really odorous enough to detect from far away. You can follow your nose to the smell of a barbecue or bacon frying, but not to Fruit Loops. And lastly, when are you NOT following your nose? For most people, their nose is the farthest point outward from their face. You can’t but help to “follow” it. If you’re in front of your nose by some chance that means something terrible has happened and you need some reconstructive surgery to repair that.

What does Kellogg's think we are? Bird/human hybrid freaks?

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