The Top 5 Worst Things To Lip Sync To In Public

Do people with lip plates
wash them in the
lip SYNC?
Everybody loves lip syncing. It’s a fun way to perform without actually doing anything, but things can get weird when you start lip syncing to anything other than music. If you’re a big fan of lip syncing you’ve probably tried lip syncing to other things besides music and that’s when you can get in trouble. Here are the top 5 worst things to lip sync to in public:

5. A ranting homeless person
It might be tempting to lip sync to a psychotic ramblings of a homeless person who’s giving a speech on the bus, but it will likely just infuriate him more and lead to you being peed or spat on.

4. The preacher at church
You might lip sync to all your favorite songs at one time or another because you like them, but most preachers won’t take it as a compliment when you’re lip syncing everything they’re saying.

3. A funeral eulogy
When you lip sync while someone’s pouring their heart out for their lost loved one most people will consider that pretty insensitive and inappropriate.

2. Your wife when she’s mad
The worst thing you can do besides tell a woman to “Calm down” when she’s mad is to start lip syncing to her. That’s a level of mockery you don’t want to approach.

And the number one worst thing to lip sync to is…

1. Dictator speeches
I know the urge to lip sync to anything can be pretty strong, but you should never find yourself lip syncing to anything Hitler related. I don’t care how drunk you are or why there’s HItler audio being played in public, you just don’t lip sync to that crap. Even if you don’t agree with what’s being said and you can understand German, lip syncing to Hitler just sends the wrong message.

He made a lot of funny faces, but it's not cool to lip sync to Hitler.

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