Ask McFartnuggets: “How Come People Never Get Addicted To Good Things?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
My uncle is struggling with ketamine addiction and it got me pondering how’s it you never ever hear about people being addicted to good things? I never hear someone going on about how their uncle is addicted to volunteering at a soup kitchen or addicted to helping Make-a-Wish children. Why can’t people ever get addicted to learning or helping strangers? Why is it always drugs and other self-destructive activities? -- Petunia from Bradford, UK

Dear Petunia:
I think some people do get addicted to positive things, you just never hear about it. It’s the same reason you never hear good news reported because it’s boring. No one would watch a movie about someone addicted to celery, but a movie about someone addicted to heroin is riveting. There are more movies about people addicted to heroin than there are of actual heroines. That’s how much more interesting bad things are than good things. The other part to that is, not many people are actually addicted to charitable giving just because it’s difficult to do. It’s easy to stop giving to charity. I’ve never heard of a case where a guy lost everything he had because he just couldn’t stop giving to charity. That would probably never happen just because charity isn’t THAT fun. I guess that’s messed up. Charity should be as much fun as heroin, but the fact it isn’t is why there’s so much pain in the world.

Not all addictions are as ugly as this one, but the uglier ones tend to be more grabby.

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