Dumbass Sayings: “Nothingburger”

Sometimes you’ll ask your cousin about how he’s holding up to the charges brought against him by his ex-wife in civil court and he says “Don’t worry, dude. It’s nothing but a big gluten free nothingburger slathered in lamesauce.” A nothingburger? Why are we adding prefixes to the word burger in non burger related context? Since when do we compare situations to ground beef sandwiches? So if something that’s not a big deal is a “nothingburger” what happens when something is a big deal? Does that mean 9/11 was a “triple bacon cheeseburger”? And that’s another thing, a “cheeseburger” isn’t just a cheese sandwich. The “cheese” in “cheeseburger” refers to cheese being a topping on the burger. Using that logic, a “nothingburger” would be a plain hamburger with a beef patty and nothing else. It wouldn’t be just the bun. Get your burger terminology straight, folks.

Some companies make millions selling glazed cinnamon nothingburgers.

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