Dumbass Sayings: “Age Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to Love”

When you meet your grandpa’s new girlfriend who’s in her 30’s, she says “Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love!” Whenever someone says this to me I go “Oh really? Age doesn’t matter? I guess you don’t think there should be any age of consent laws!” Once I say that they immediately backtrack and say “No, I believe in that” So basically age DOES matter and everyone who isn’t a pedophile believes that. As a general rule, it’s never a good idea to share the same opinions as pedophiles. If age didn’t matter then it’d be okay to marry a fetus. Clearly that would be weird and wrong. That’s why I would propose changing the quote “Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love” to “Hey, it’s okay to love old people!”  Because isn’t that really what they’re trying to say? I know we’re trying to get all philosophical with the “age doesn’t matter” phrase, but ultimately you’re trying to defend dating someone really old when you say this, or you’re an old person defending dating someone forty years younger than you. That’s the only time you should hear “age doesn’t matter” so let’s just cut the crap and use more honest terms.

Somebody's gotta be clicking on those elderly fuckbuddy ads.

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