Dumbass Sayings: “Making Bank”

Sometimes you run into an old friend from high school and he says “Yeah man things are going good. My sister works at a strip club and she’s making some serious bank! Plus now I get a 20% discount on the cover charge!” Such a silly saying this “making bank” is. I guess we’re all just making up phrases now. So let me get this straight, “making bank” is slang for “making money.” However, money is what goes into a bank. That’s like saying “Yeah man, I just got a new pet doghouse!” or “Yo son where’s the bathroom I need to take a huge toilet!” Those probably won’t catch on as sayings. They’re a bit clunkier, I’ll grant you that, but they carry the same flawed premise. Plus, only a fool would put their money in a bank in our turbulent global financial market. If anything they should call it “Making mattress.”

You wouldn't call your dick warts "vagina warts" so why would you call making money, making bank?

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