Dumbass Sayings: “I Would Kill For…”

Sometimes you hear a lady at work say “I would kill for a hot chocolate right now.” This has to be one of the most insane things people say on a daily basis and get away with. The only thing stopping this from being a death threat is the lack of a person’s name in the sentence. If you said “I would kill Frank for a hot chocolate right now” then there could be some problems and you might have to get HR involved. However, because you leave out the target of your hypothetical homicidal rage then it becomes a completely acceptable thing to say. I say as long as you’re discussing the idea of killing someone for a trivial comfort why not delve into that more and expound? Who would you kill for a hot chocolate? Would you kill a person or just an animal of some sort? Let’s say you’re talking about humans. Would you kill an innocent person or someone who has been convicted of a serious crime like aggravated assault? Now if you really want a hot chocolate then a great way to communicate that would be to say “I would kill an innocent person for a hot chocolate.”  By saying that you would let people know how bad you want hot chocolate as opposed to “I’d kill a serial rapist on death row for a hot chocolate” in which case maybe that means you only sorta want a hot chocolate. If we’re going to be bringing the taking of lives into this without any consequence then let’s fully explore this concept.

You don't truly want something unless you're willing to take another person's life for it.

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