Dumbass Sayings: “Ringing Endorsement”

Sometimes the creepy guy at your job brings in cookies for everyone. Everyone is reluctant to try one. You decide to eat one because you’re hardcore and take risks. A few minutes after you eat it you vomit and he says “Well that wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement...” Hold on a moment, what the hell is a “ringing endorsement”? Nothing is a ringing endorsement unless someone is shaking a bell. Who the hell am I? Ivan Pavlov up in this bitch? Since when is ringing a bell a sign that you enjoy things? You basically only ring a bell at the front desk of a quiet rundown hotel when no one is around in order to get the attention of the guy in a backroom. That’s really the only situation where people ring bells anymore and even that is becoming outdated. Bells are essentially pointless in the 21st century. Any job a bell was responsible for a horn can do ten times better. Call it a “horny endorsement” and let’s move on.

If you're the type of person who rings a bell to endorse something, your opinions are suspect.

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