Dumbass Slogans: "Like A Good Neighbor State Farm is There"

State Farm insurance is always saying "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." That sounds nice, but it really doesn't mean anything. Why compare your company to a neighbor in 2015? Maybe this would have worked as a slogan in the 1950's when people talked to those who lived in their immediate area and there was a more communal way of life. In the 21st century we're much more isolated and while it is still possible to be a good neighbor, instances of this are few and far between. Even if you're a good person and friendly you're not going to spend your days off at your neighbor's house. Who has time for that? They did decades ago during America's golden age when you really needed to rely on neighbors but those times are long gone. No one really needs their neighbors anymore. When was the last time anyone borrowed a cup of sugar from you? That used to be a pretty common occurrence, common enough to become cliche. These days if you don't have a cup of sugar you just make the recipe without sugar and consider it a diabetic-safe dish. You don't go knocking on doors creeping people out. We're generally suspicious and fearful of our neighbors. All a "good neighbor" has to do these days is leave you the hell alone and not play their tv and music too loud, fuck with the blinds down, and cover their genitals when they go out for the morning paper. Maybe State Farm should incorporate those behaviors into their slogan to be a bit more accurate.

When was the last time State Farm let you borrow their lawnmower?

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