Dumbass Sayings: "Paying a Visit"

Sometimes when a loan shark is talking to your cousin asking for his money back, your cousin tells the loan shark that he gave a couple hundred to you a week ago, the shark then says "Okay, I think I'll pay him a visit..." Then you’ve got some loan shark pounding on your door to “pay you a visit” while demanding his money. That's such a weird figure of speech. How can you pay visits? Who would accept visits as a form of payment for anything? Usually when you put the words "pay" and "visit" in the same sentence it's the person who's visiting that pays ex: visiting escorts or doctors. Even if your visits are worth money, people who literally pay visits never refer to it as that. It’s only when visits are given and received free of charge when the term “pay a visit” is used which really makes no sense at all.

When you consider the cost of gas and tolls, you usually end up paying to pay a visit.

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