The Top 10 Weirdest Names To Give To A Male Cat

When it comes to naming a cat some people can get pretty bizarre. While there don’t seem to be any written rules concerning what to name a cat, there are still some names that feel a little odd. Here are the top 10 weirdest names to give to a male cat: (Just picture calling a cat these names and you’ll see why they’re a mistake.)

10. Glen

"Hi, my name is Glen."

9. Cameron

"This is my cat, Cameron."

8. Austin

"Austin, stop fooling around!"

7. Jonathan

"Jonathan, which one is you?!"

6. Denzel

"That is one cool black cat."

5. Jamal

"Jamal, don't just stare at your food."

4. Gregory

"Please stop pinching Gregory's neck."

3. Orenthal

"Orenthal, stop killing things please."

2. Muhammad

"Muhammad, are you almost done praying?"

1. Jayden

"Sweet dreams, Jayden."

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