Dumbass Sayings: “Getting a Pounding From 3 to 6 Inches of the Hard Wet White Stuff”

It seems like every time there’s a snowstorm coming you hear the weatherman say “Make sure you wear plenty of protection tomorrow because once you step outside you’re going to be blasted in the face with the white stuff! We’re about to get pounded hard by three to six inches of the hard wet white stuff!” First off, it’s snow. Stop calling it “white stuff.” And I don’t care how hard it’s snowing, no one gets “pounded” by snow. It may fall heavy but no one will ever get knocked to the ground by a clump of snowflakes from the sky. “Pounding” would imply a percussive impact. Why do they do this? Why must they exaggerate weather? It’s certainly not for entertainment’s sake! If they’re doing it to try and spice things up for people at home then they should stop because no one’s watching a weather report for entertainment. You watch the weather report objectively to find out how to prepare for the outside environment, you’re not tuning in for laughs. All these sexual innuendos are horribly out of place and much like the “white wet stuff” they’re making allusions to, in terribly bad taste.

Old Man Winter loves giving out facials.

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