Ask McFartnuggets: "How Do I Know If My Dog is Depressed?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
My dog Nicholas is a yorkie-german shepherd mix and he’s been very tired lately. He isn’t quite as active as he normally is. I’ve heard that dog depression is a real condition. How can I tell if my dog is depressed? -- Leonore from Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Leonore:
Dog depression is a real thing, fortunately the cure is almost always bacon. I’d say give your dog some bacon or other cured meat. If that doesn’t clear up the symptoms then there’s a good chance the dog has something physically wrong with it and I would take it to a veterinarian. Hopefully it is just dog depression because that’s not nearly as bad as human depression. In human depression often times bacon can be the source of the sadness once it’s digested and converted into fat. For whatever reason dogs don’t really have to deal with body image issues. In your dog’s case, I’m going to guess if it’s not depression then the illness is something genetic because that is an odd breed you’ve got there! I hope Nicholas feels better soon.

Zoloft for dogs.

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